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Sep 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
this is a special part of the country for me. i actually can recall the big four carriers on lake michigan. nice to see them from time to time. they pulled iron from the north throughout the entire region. one that manufactured oils such as building cars, tractors, trucks and machinery, so did the ship errs, miners and support industries. as a result of the great lakes area, it it flourishes really was a good lesson in how we've come to learn to need each other. that is industry from the states and throughout interdependent. clearly, job retention and job creation are foremost in everyone's minds today. of our president, to the state capital, jobs are the most pressing need. i give you my view on this issue, speaking as the ceo for the company and i do serve on a number of our corporate boards. one of the ways we enhance the value of said 10 to our shareholders is too careful allocation of capital. so we must provide capital businesses that can escrow. the growth is either limited or declining. we have to make discipline investments. and generally, only the very best projects go forward. they're
Sep 22, 2011 11:00pm EDT
back. >> chair recognizes congressman camp of michigan. >> well, thank you, mr. chairman. the joint committee on taxation regularly publishes data on average tax rates paid by americans, do they not? >> well, actually we don't make it a routine practice, but we end up for work for your committee and for the finance committee often preparing that information. >> and you have recently published data on that? >> yes, we have. >> and it's made available to the public. >> yes, yes it is. >> you're not alone. the irs also does this. >> the irs reports with a lag because they report on actual compilelations of tax returns filed. >> and congressional budget office does it too, do they not? >> using slightly different modeling assumptions, but, yes, they do. >> according to the recent joint committee on taxation, and i just want to go with this point of millionaires and billionaires pay lower rates than middle class families which is out there in the public domain, and i just want to go at this point. >> certainly. >> on taxation data on income, social insurance, and excise taxes, americans
Sep 21, 2011 11:00pm EDT
are on the order for governor focused in which a nap when i had been waiting way back now in michigan. said they had to step a. it's a proportion and may have been captured are 1% or she% over a period of time, a decade. it seems to me in going very pickier an opportunity for a great deal of creativity. this has got to be a legislator's dream to get up-and-down vote. that just never happens in this world and washington. you couldn't really get that to happen in the state legislature very easily. so the idea you can put one thing that our teacher screams for a very large package because the bigger it is, tougher days to vote against if it is the solution. you don't want to go small. you want to go humongous because it's just impossible to vote against at that point. yes, there'll be lots of things people don't like, that much more people that they will like and the benefit of that gain is what carries the day. i actually think we have to be thinking about sensitive or pass budgets on an annual basis, maybe it should be given some annual budget for each of the next 10 years and some baseline
Sep 28, 2011 11:00pm EDT
: fript michigan, good morning. caller: good morning. i'm taking that book from a different perspective, "that used to be us." and we used to be our unto the lord, god, jesus, but now we've gotten away from that. you're talking about china. china is on top for a little bit. but we'll get back to christ and god. we're not going to -- because god made -- and he tears them down. so the point of "that used to be us," we used to be a godly nation. we've gotten away from that. so bank on that. guest: well, we don't really say too much about religious faith. in fact we don't say anything about it in this book, and religious faith is an important thing and important in the united states. but i would mention one old saying in which most americans are familiar, which i think is relevant to the theme of this book and relevant to american renewel and that is god helps those who help themselves. host: the united nations meets again tie discuss the bid by palace for statehood. we're going to have live coverage of that starting at :30 a.m. eastern time in about 20 minutes. tom, i wanted to get your th
Sep 14, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to the university of michigan consumer sentiment survey 72% of respondents believe now is a good time to buy a home. furthermore in the recent survey by our firm of the 1500 renters' conducted in five markets showed that 67% of those surveyed want to become homeowners the next five years. with 82% of the ranchers and the key 25 to 34 age group expressing the desire to buy a home so people want to purchase a home and think now is a good time to do so why aren't they doing it? the answer i believe is to fold. first is the conditions of the sumers balance sheets which are still living with high levels of debt and negative equity. indicative of these consumers and renters survey show that just one-third of respondents were able to come up with 3.5% down payment necessary to purchase a medium priced from using the fha financing. the second issue was on certainty which i believe is a nationwide problem, negatively impacting the home sits and prices given the volatility created by the prior tax credits, fear of job loss and mixed messages sent by the government around future housing policy. however region
Sep 23, 2011 11:00pm EDT
and recognizes the chair, the ranking member emeritus of the full committee, michigan for five minutes for questions. >> mr. chairman, thank you for your courtesy and for holding this hearing. let me begin by asking this question yes or no. do you have authority at the fda for any of the requirements with regard to efficacy from good manufacturing practices or safety, yes or no in the event of a shortage? >> yes. >> you do have it? >> we have the authority to have flexibility in how we implement the regulations. regulatory discretion. >> i would like to add a further answer on that particular point. >> but the requirements are the same how one who reaches them is flexible. >> i would like to have a further statement on that we understand what the authority is. it's my understanding the fda has been working to address shortages of the medically necessary approach. can you please define what medically necessary means? >> medically necessary is defined as a product used to treat or prevent serious diseases and conditions to know the product available to act as a substitute. >> you indicat
Sep 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to greenville, michigan, becky, a democrat. >> caller: hi! >> host: good morning. >> caller: i have come up with a new tax plan, and it is so easy, okay? let me just give it to you here. >> host: we're holding on. >> caller: okay, okay. there will be only one loophole for charity because we all know that at the end of the year the rich figure out their taxes and then give a bunch of money to charity in december, and so i think that should stay. as far as what they are talking about -- >> host: sorry about that. i don't know what happened to her call. only one deduction for charity. earlier, you said that doesn't effect the rich's givings. statistics say it happens in december. >> guest: there is an effect. i mean, it's economy 101 for having a tax break. you do increase charitable deductions to an extent. i go back to something interesting an earlier caller mentioned that it is important to have a large non-profit charitable sector in the united states. it is something that makes us different than europe, that help for people in need, for example, just doesn't come from the government as it
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7